Have you ever had a problem with choosing a right style for decorating your whole house ? I am convinced it isn’t just me who is facing this dilemma.

It is extremely difficult to stick with one style that would dominate  the interior of your home.

The best example is my own household:

Jarek- prefers minimalist, contemporary style

Myself-  rustic, scandinavian industrial forms

This insane combination even though it is difficult to merge  into one, surprisingly has got some advantages.  Can you imagine how extremely difficult would it be for an interior designer to be restricted just to one style. Their work would be totally ripped off passion and excitement. But that does not happen to us! Maybe, we do not like being restricted by anything  and we constantly  go beyond settled frames. This is why when we were choosing homeware   for our rented house we decided to go over and beyond. Choosing this path naturally led us to create  ECLECTIC STYLE in our home. It  is well known for its brave, unconventional combination of completely different  styles and characters.

I am convinced  that this timeless trend  will be staying with us for the indefinite future. Many interior designers advise to stay reasonable when designing interiors in this particular style. Nevertheless, everyone of us has its own definition of good taste. Therefore, we should not be afraid to experiment when designing our own flats or houses’ interiors. Do not be afraid of looking for your own style, as well as mixing different them. This is the only way of having our own, unique space where you feel comfortable.

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